Hatchling offers a combination of design, animation, and application programming services for Internet, Broadcast, and Corporate media audiences. Our boutique shop blends great creative artistic vision with leading-edge technological know-how to deliver marketing and advertising tools for our clients that stand out and get noticed. Whether you’re an agency partner or corporate client, we can accommodate your needs.
Our Services

Broadcast Media — From :30 second spots to animated series, Hatchling’s team of designers, animators, illustrators, and technical staff have worked on everything imaginable for TV and Theatrical releases. With our video special effects, compositing, 2D cell animation and full-blown 3D CGI, we create compelling visual media for you and your clients’ advertising needs.

Website Design and Development — Whether we’re building sites from the ground up or breathing new life into existing sites, we create web solutions that are elegant in both form and function. We leverage technologies like Flash Actionscripting, Flex, CSS and Ajax and web 2.0 tools like user generated content, content management, and dynamic data driven pages to build functional sites that serve our clients’ business needs.

Web Apps & Widgets — Need to extend a reservation system with a web front end? Need to streamline the way field sales professionals assemble and deliver presentations? We create web applications that address business needs and deliver bottom line results.

Web Advertising — Web games, Flash banners, streaming video banners, rich media ads, interstitials and microsites. You want it to move. You want it to stand out. You want users to click. We give you online media that gets results.

Corporate Messaging — Whether you’re tired of typical corporate presentations, or your in-store videos are falling flat, Hatchling injects life into video loops, sales presentations, trade show loops, and point of purchase videos with our unique blend of creative and technical skills.

Short and Feature Film Production — Our passion lies in filmmaking, and Hatchling’s films have won awards worldwide. We’ve developed scripts of our own content and worked on projects from others, blending our 2D and 3D animation chops to create rich visual experiences. If it’s related to video, web, DVD, broadcast, or theatrical animation – we give it life.

Our Clients
  • American Greetings
  • ATT
  • Callaway
  • Charmin
  • Duracell
  • Earth
  • Fisher Price
  • GE Healthcare
  • History Channel
  • Holiday Inn
  • HP
  • King Arthur Flour
  • Lojack
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Maidenform
  • Mohawk Flooring
  • Microsoft
  • MTV
  • NBC
  • PC Connection
  • Prudential
  • Reebok
  • Rochester Electronics
  • Signiant
  • Sprint
  • Timberland
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